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Lash Tips


Prior to Lash Apppointment

Refrain from drinking any caffeine before any appointment to avoid being restless through your lash apppointment.

Try to wash your hair a day before or on the day of your appointment as it is recommended to keep your lashes dry for the first 24 hours.

After Lash Appointment

Refrain from any OIL BASED products which could affect lash retention. Check your products ingredients (Cleansers, makeup remover, moisturizer, sunscreen, etc.)

Refrain from picking, pulling and/or cutting your extensions as it can ruin your natural lashes as well.

Please do not use Q-tips, towels or anything with lint fiber on your extensions.

Lash serums are ok to use with extensions

Wash your lashes DAILY to keep good retention. Your health and hygiene come first. I reserve the right to refuse any service if your eye health is compromised due to not washing them. I just want the best for your lashes!

For the first 24-48 hrs (Avoid):

- Any physical activities

- Steam from showers and saunas

- Swimming pools/salt water 

- Suntan beds

How Lash Cycles work:

The normal lifespan of a natural lash is from 60-90 days, meaning that your lashes will fall out just like the hair on your head.


You will notice the cycle process when the majority of your lashes fall out; Therefore its recommended to come every 2-3 weeks.


This happens to everyone but will differ due to hormones and different medications.


Since each natural lash has its own lifespan you may notice that one eye may be fuller than the other, which is totally normal.


If you need to come in a little earlier please call or text to do so.


You must come in with at least 50% of your remaining extensions to have a lash fill and avoid any extra fees to your service. If you have less than 50% of your lashes you must book a complete set.


Makeup with my lash extensions?

Try not to use lash strips (falsies) as they may pull out your extensions and natural lashes.

Powder, liquid, and or gel products are recommended to use 


Don't use a lash curler with lash extensions or lash lift as it's unnecessary and could lead to lash fall out.

Do NOT use waterproof makeup

Bonus Tip

Heat caused by cooking or baking, blowdrying, and all other hot hair tools may singe the extensions. This could cause lashes to look frayed and burnt.


Be cautious and make sure the heat is not near your eyes.

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